All our projects are custom-built new construction homes.  We work with a variety of architects, builders, contractors, and trades to build beautiful custom-designed homes. We find the right team to design homes that not only meet the current standards for quality and design but will also meet the test of time, feel natural in the neighborhood, and are functionally practical to live in.  These homes are so beautiful, you may just fall in love with it and keep it!

In today’s market, Seattle is experiencing a shortage of homes that doesn’t appear to be letting up. In fact, because of the strong technology market and large companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Boeing, more people are moving into the Seattle area than there are homes being built. This represents a great opportunity to invest in real estate and new home construction, in particular.

As an investor, your involvement in the process can be as much or as little as you like. Our team has immense knowledge, experience and skill in managing real estate investment projects from finding the right plot of land, managing the design & building process of high quality, beautiful homes and finally to selling the home for the best value.  Our goal is to maximize the bottom line profit on every project. We get paid based on how much profit you earn, so you can trust that our choices will protect your investment and your bottom line.

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