Dragon Homes builds custom single homes and residential communities. Occasionally we offer opportunities to invest. If you’re interested, please send us email at info@dragonhomes.com.

There are two ways you can invest:

  1. Fund a project – If you’re looking for short-term investment opportunities, we sometimes offer single project investments.  This option is perfect for dipping your toe into real estate investment. You fund the project and Dragon Homes does everything else from buying the plot of land, working with designers and developers to build it and finally selling the newly built home. All you have to do is collect the profits at the end of the project!
  2. Invest in Dragon Homes – For income-investors, consider becoming a lender. This is the perfect opportunity to make your money work for you! You’ll earn annual interest payments for the duration of the loan period. This low-risk investment option is perfect for you if you want a reliable annual return on your investment.

Interested in investing?

Email us to learn more!